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DocBook XSL1.1

Initially DocBook XSL was using XEP extensions to support PDF document information, PDF bookmarks and indexes, because XSL 1.0 does not support that features.

DocBook allows PDF bookmarks and indexes which are supported in XSL 1.1, so I had the possibility to include them without using XEP extensions. I had written a layer style for DocBook which overwrites old templates that use elements from rx namespace with new ones using corresponding XSL1.1 elements.

Following XSL1.1 elements are used to support back-of-the-book indices:

  • <fo:index-page-citation-list/>
  • <fo:index-page-citation-list-separator/>
  • <fo:index-page-citation-range-separator/>
  • <fo:index-key-reference ref-index-key="key"/>
  • attribute index-key
  • <fo:index-range-begin/>
  • <fo:index-range-end/>

And these elements support PDF bookmarks:

  • <fo:bookmark-tree/>
  • <fo:bookmark/>
  • <fo:bookmark-title/>

To use DocBook with XSL1.1 one just has to point to lib/xslt/docbook/docbook-fo.xsl file in DiType distribution (this is made by default in Transformer configuration).

To support XSL1.1 in DocBook XSL it is necessary to modify following files:

  • docbook/fo/autoidx.xsl
  • docbook/fo/docbook.xsl
  • docbook/fo/index.xsl
  • docbook/fo/param.xsl
  • docbook/fo/xep.xsl

Lilith Zakharyan

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