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DiType on Windows


DiType has been tested on Windows XP. Older versions of the Windows family are not supported.

The DiType installation for Windows is contained in a Windows Installer (.msi) file named ditype-<version>-<release date>-windows.msi. Default installation directory is C:\Program Files\RenderX\DiType.

DiType distribution kit installs the following:

  • DiType Framework;
  • DiType documentation;
  • ActiType application;
  • DiTypeAssistant application;
  • XSL FO/XML Examples


The following processes are started when the system is rebooted at the last step of the installation process:

  • ditype-service.exe
  • pythonw.exe
  • lambda.exe

Starting Manually

It is possible to start, stop, or restart the DiType server manually from the command line; e.g., after making configuration changes. This can be done with the following command:

net start ditype , or net stop ditype

Whenever the DiType server starts, it first checks if there is an instance of the DiType server already running on the system by checking for the existence of the pid file, which usually is found in /Library/Frameworks/DiType.framework/Common/var/ditype.pid. Upon normal shutdown of the DiType server, the pid file is removed. However, abnormal termination may leave the pid file in place, preventing further startups of the DiType server. If this happens, remove the pid file manually.


To uninstall DiType on a Windows platform:

  1. From the Start menu, choose Control Panel.
  2. Open the Add or Remove Programs control panel applet.
  3. From the Currently installed programs list, click DiType.
  4. Click Remove. A confirmation dialog appears.
  5. Click Yes to continue the uninstallation, click No to cancel. A dialog box shows the uninstallation progress. The box closes automatically when the uninstallation is complete.
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