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DiType on Mac OS X


The installation package is a disk image (dmg) ditype-<VERSION>.dmg and contains the following:

  • ditype-framework-<VERSION>.pkg - DiType framework, startup service and the command line installation package;
  • actitype-app-<VERSION>.pkg - ActiType application installation package;
  • assistant-app-<VERSION>.pkg - DiTypeAssistant application installation package.
  • uninstall-ditype.sh - DiType framework uninstaller

Double click on the *.pkg to launch the installer.

You must have the root access to install DiType framework. It isn't relocatable and will be installed to /Library/Frameworks/DiType.framework (see Appearance for details). If you restart your computer after installation, DiType will start automatically, or you can run it from the command line {{{sudo /Library/StartupItems/DiType/DiType start}}} without restarting.

Applications can be installed to any location and don't require root access.


Command line client

/usr/local/bin/ditype - DiType command line client to format documents. Run {{{/usr/local/bin/ditype -h}}} to get help for command line options and usage.

DiType's startup service

/Library/StartupItems/DiType - DiType startup service. Contains:

  • DiType - startup script. Takes one command line argument - what to do - stop.
  • StartupParameters.plist - startup service description.

DiType services starts on each system startup. To disable this service, add the DITYPESERVER=-NO- environment variable in /etc/hostconfig.

DiType framework

/Library/Frameworks/DiType.framework - DiType framework, Contains:

  • Configuration - DiType configuration files;
  • Common - DiType code, XSL styles, fonts, hyphenation tables, runtime environment;
  • Commands - command line tools to start and control DiType server, and the command line client;
  • Documentation - documentation;
  • Examples - XSL FO examples;
  • Libraries - libraries for various programming languages to build DiType in your application;


There are two applications in the distributive - ActiType and DiTypeAssistant. The applications will be installed in the installation directory you choose (in /Applications by default) as Mac OS X application bundles, ActiType.app and DiTypeAssistant.app.

Running DiType server

ditype-server script in /Library/Frameworks/DiType.framework/Commands directory provides DiType server control and takes one command line argument start|kill|shutdown.

  • start - starts DiType server
  • shutdown - schedule DiType server to shut down after the last client has finished its work;
  • kill - immediately shuts down the server.


Any of the applications can be uninstalled by removing its bundle. To uninstall DiType, run uninstall-ditype.sh script from the installation package from command line. You will be asked for confirmation to remove /usr/local/bin/ditype, '/Library/StartupItems/DiType and /Library/Frameworks/DiType.framework. You need the root access to do it.

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