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This section describes how to uninstall DiType.


This section describes the Windows DiType uninstall procedure.

To uninstall DiType on a Windows platform:

1. From the Start menu, choose Control Panel.

2. Open the Add or Remove Programs control panel applet.

3. From the Currently installed programs list, click DiType.

4. Click Remove.

A confirmation dialog appears.

5. Click Yes to continue the uninstallation, click No to cancel.

A dialog box shows the uninstallation progress. The box closes automatically when the uninstallation is complete.

Mac OS X

This section describes the Mac OS X uninstall procedure.

To uninstall DiType on a Mac OS X platform:

1. Run the uninstall-ditype.sh script from the command line.

2. Confirm that you want to remove /usr/local/bin/ditype , /Library/StartupItems/DiType , and /Library/Frameworks/DiType.framework.

DiType is uninstalled.


To uninstall DiType from Unix/Linux platforms, delete the DiType installation directory.

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